Planet X Narrative Continued

The Black Hole Sun, Wormwood, or Names is could very well exist, however, the narrative from combined accounts indicate that will remain outside of our solar system on it’s way back out of our solar system, but the planet Nibiru, the planet of the crossing, and perhaps additional planets or moons might travel through our solar system as well. Seems pretty far fetched right?

I would like to point out that the movement of objects of all types and magnitude that in the universe have been documented and observed for centuries . The physics described in the Planet X storied all seem possible to me.

I have only read one book on physics . I think it was called Physics and Metaphysics by Arthur Koestler. I read it in it’s entirety when I was 20 while I was attending Ashland College ( now named Ashland University in Ohio) and understood about 75% if it, but none of the math. I graduated from Ashland College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing . Class of 1984.



Hopi Indian lore mentions space brothers, – easy to find videos. They have legends of a red heavenly world they call the Red Katchina, and a blue water world ( the big blue bowling ball in the uppermost looking sky surrounded loosely with two main thick bands of white clouds that are basically running sidsays like our clouds but much further up. To most casual observers it is basically too big to see . In the USA, both Ohio and Florida from my experience, it looks pretty much the same, like the top half of a bowling ball high above our highest clouds. It isn’t in just any position of the sky. It’s calling card is the look of other scattered white and grey-blue upturning clouds, that if you can use your imagination a bit you can begin to see the gigantic shape of a beautiful shade of blue orb. After you see it a couple of dozen times, you will question your sanity. It happens to all if us Sky Watchers. The Sky is fucked up. Period. End of story.


I never thought it would come to this. But it did, so let me lay it out for you as simply as possible. Keep in mind, this is my take on God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

In my belief system, GOD is GOD and ALL other so called Gods are just imposters, aliens, and bicycle repairmen..

Many people say that extreme weather, cracks opening up in the EARTH, etc. come in cycles. No Shit. Really?

Guess what, according to a consensus of virtually every Youtuber , what’s in play now is the ending if yet another 3600 year cycle if our other Sun’s return journey back from an incredibly long elliptical or I around our sun. We are living in a binary solar system. This time, the Planet X System came in up from and behind the sun and basically came out from around it from around the one o’clock position. It consists if sort of brown or red dwarf star with incredible magnetic and other properties. There are said to be 7 planets, at least 4 large moons and an extremely gigantic cloud and tail of everything it has brought along with it. Iron oxide is said to be the main substance in the cloud and tail.

NASA is full of shit and all of their public videos about the Planet X topic are vain, condescending, purposely misleading.